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2019 FAQ


When will the program be online, so I can choose on which day(s) to come?
We will put the program online on our site as soon as possible.
Most of it will in any ways be announced by October 15.
Events are subject to additions or variations until a few days before the festival. We will publish the events' details as soon as we schedule them, to help you in your choice. For example: as soon as we schedule date and time of any event, concert, or tournament, we will publish them on our website.


I can't log in with the email address I used last year. Why?

Your access credentials should have remained the same. Should you have any login problems, follow the "Forgot your Password?" link in the login page. Should you still have problems, you can open a ticket through luccacrea.vivaticket.it/eng/assistenza

Is it mandatory to purchase my ticket and/or badges online or at a Vivaticket pre-sale point, or I can also purchase them at a ticket booth in Lucca?

We suggest purchasing tickets online or at a Vivaticket pre-sale point, but it is not mandatory.

However, if the fixed limit of 90.000 tickets per day is reached before the festival begins, you will not be able to purchase any more ticket and/or badge for that day(s).

Are the badges available only for consecutive days (e.g.: Friday-Saturday or Friday-Saturday-Sunday), or can I purchase a badge even for non consecutive days (e.g.: Wednesday-Saturday or Wednesday-Friday-Sunday)?
Badges are available only for consecutive days.

Can I purchase "open" tickets and/or badges, so that I don't need to choose a date?
No, tickets and/or badges will be linked to the selected days.

Are daily tickets and/or badges personal?
No, they're not.

If I don't have a credit card, how can I purchase a ticket and/or badge online?
You can purchase online also by stored-value card (e.g.: PostePay) or through MyBank. You cannot purchase your ticket using PayPal. For further information, please visit: www.luccacomics.vivaticket.com

When I choose to pay with PostePay, after clicking on “Purchase” the website declines the transaction. Why?

Your transaction could be declined for several reasons (low credit, disabled 3d secure, temporary gateway error, typos, etc.).

The transaction is processed on the SETEFI portal, not on Vivaticket, but you can ask Vivaticket to check it by communicating your transaction details by filling the form here: luccacrea.vivaticket.it/eng/assistenza.

Are there any official pre-sale points in Lucca and/or in other cities, where I can purchase my tickets and/or badges before the festival, like I did last year?

Yes. You can purchase tickets and/or badges through Vivaticket, where the same conditions for "Print@Home" shall apply until 3 November (see questions below).

When will the ticket booths in Lucca be open?

Ticket booths will be open from Wednesday, 30 October, to Sunday, 3 November, every day from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

I didn't receive the email with my Print@Home tickets to print. Why?

Sometimes such emails get blocked, so the first thing you want to do is check your Junk mail folder. If it got blocked by your mail provider, you can always download your invoice and the related Print@Home purchase through your My Vivaticket account on the website.

Do I have to print the email with my Print@Home tickets?

No, you can also show the pdf from your mobile.

If I purchase a Print@Home badge for more than one day, do I have to collect the bracelet at the ticket booth every day I need it?

No, you need to go only once at the Welcome Desk to collect all the bracelets you're entitled to have with your badge.

Can I track the shipment of tickets and/or badges I purchased with the "Skip the line" option? What can I do, if I leave for Lucca before my shipment arrives? Do you ship internationally?
When you purchase your ticket, you should receive an email confirming that your purchase has been successfully completed. Tickets/badges and bracelets shipments will start on 30 September. If you do not receive your shipment before leaving for Lucca, you should print your confirmation email, show it to our staff in any ticket booth office during Lucca Comics & Games (so that you'll still skip the line), and let them check it out. Vivaticket ships internationally.

If I purchase two or more tickets/badges with the "Skip the line" option and I request to receive them in just one shipment, do I have to pay an extra charge of € 5.00 for each ticket/badge?
No. You need to pay an extra charge of € 5.00 for each shipment in Italy, not for each ticket/badge. However, each shipment can contain a maximum of 15 tickets, whether they are daily tickets or badges.

Shipping charges will vary, depending on where you need to receive the ticket and bracelet:

  • € 19,99 Europe
  • € 27,99 Switzerland, non-EU Countries, USA and Canada
  • € 39,99 Other Countries

I couldn't purchase "Skip the line" daily tickets or badges online by 14 October 2019, 11 p.m. May I purchase them later at an official pre-sale point?

Yes, but only from 14 October to 3 November at Premium Vivaticket Points, which are the following:

Galleria Umberto I, 17
Neaples +39 081 5519188

Piazza della Vittoria, 45/47
Genoa +39 010 588648

via Tiarini, 1/2B
Bologna +39 051 372494

corso Sonnino, 95
Bari +39 080 5559162

via Amilcare Ponchielli, 16/Z
Turin +39 011 2475478

Via Tiburtina, 532
Rome +39 06 4393845

via de Gasperi, 19/C
Ancona +39 393 9128849

via Fiamma, 17
Milan +39 02 70126393

Via delle Vecchie Carceri, 1
Florence +39 055 210804

Via Pallone,16
Verona +39 045 8011154

piazzale Ricasoli, 203
Lucca +39 0583 494401

The "Skip the line" daily tickets or badges purchased at the Premium Vivaticket Points (see the list above) have the same price of the "Skip the line" daily tickets or badges purchased online?

No, the "Skip the line" daily tickets or badges purchased at the Premium Vivaticket Points from 15 October to 3 November will cost €3.00 more, to be added to the pre-sale charge. You need to pay €3.00 more per purchase, not per ticket, up to max. 15 tickets or badges: e.g., if you purchase 5 daily tickets at once, you have to pay (in addition to the above-mentioned pre-sale charges) €3.00, not €15.00.

Do I still have to stand in line, even if I purchase online my ticket and/or badge?
Yes, but only at the Welcome Desk and only once, whether you have a daily ticket or a badge, because you will get all the bracelets you need at once.

If you choose the "Skip the line" or the "Catch the shuttle bus" option, you don't need to stand in line.

If I purchase my ticket and/or my badge online, do I receive also my bracelet at home?
Yes, but only if you purchase your ticket and/o badge with the "Skip the line" option, paying € 5.00 of shipping charges.


Do the pre-sale charges differ from one kind of ticket/badge to the other?


  • daily € 1.60

  • 2 days badge € 1.80

  • 3 days badge € 2.00

  • 4 days badge € 2,20

  • 5 days badge € 2.20

  • Level UP € 2.50


Can I modify or cancel the ticket I purchased online, if I need to? If so, by when? Do I need to pay a fee to change the day of my ticket? How much will you refund me, if I cancel my ticket?
You cannot change the date of your ticket, not even paying an extra charge.

But you can claim for a refund (except for the pre-sale charge) by 12 October 2019, calling Vivaticket's Call Center: 041 2719009. You will be given all the information you need for the procedure.


If I have the train ticket, can I purchase a reduce ticket at the ticket booths in Lucca?



I wrote a long time ago to one or more email addresses I found on the Contact page of your website, but I did not receive an answer yet. Why?
Because this is the official page where you can get all the information we have at the moment. In any case, we take into account all the questions you asked via email and, if they are not in this list of Q&A yet, we will answer them here.

We suggest you to check this page frequently or to follow us on our main social networks accounts, where we keep you constantly updated.

Therefore, feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind. It could be helpful to better explain the tickets and/or badges pre-sale and purchase system, or even to improve the system itself.

Is there a phone number I can call to ask further information?
For any further information about this service, you can call 041 2719009.

Call Center Hours: from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. - Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Sunday closed. Otherwise, you can write an email to:



How do I know if you already reached the fixed limit of 90.000 tickets per day, and for which day?

As soon as the pre-sale begins, on 29 July 2019, 4 p.m., you will be able to know the constantly updated number of tickets still available for each day on our website. That will be the only official information source about the number of tickets still available. You will also be able to have this information in every ticket booth in Lucca, until the end of the festival.

Do the fixed limit of 90.000 tickets per day include the badges?


Do the fixed limit of 90.000 tickets per day include the tickets and/or the badges sold at the official pre-sale points (see below)?


Do the fixed limit of 90.000 tickets per day include the "Level Up" tickets?



Can I walk freely with no need for passes or special permits, if I choose not to purchase a ticket or if I live within Lucca City Centre?


Yes. People, both residents and non-residents, can walk freely throughout the City Centre with no limitation. Therefore, you don't need a pass or a special permit.

  • You will never be just a convention to me, you will always be my world. Lucca, apotheosis of my passions. Angelo Agostini
  • Swirl of emotions, new friends in the warm embrace of a joyful crowd, Carnival of the soul. Carlo Stuto
  • Lucca, you're the comic book I love. Giuseppe Bennardo
  • Every year in Lucca words are clouds on our lips, here anything you can imagine cometo life. Alessandro Cecchinelli
  • Lucca, I come back to you every year: you grow without aging, while I feel like a child being with you. Giovanni Battista Novaro
  • What are love and brain, if not what lead humans to follow their passions? Lucca Comics & Games is the perfect link between two eternally fighting questions. Juri Tirabassi
  • Lucca Comics & Games is the place to beTo let your dreams run free. David Gusso
  • The ink flowing on the streets of Lucca makes our dreams come true. Francesco Tamburini
  • Lucca, you're joy and pain, races, waits, delays, hot and cold, smiles and tears, meetings and goodbyes, colours and unforgettable memories. Roberta Giancotti
  • When you feel in the right place at the right time, when anyone can shine without fear, then you know you're at Lucca Comics & Games. Giordano Cruciani